Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members


Ag Advisory Board

Baldwin County Advisory Board

Cindy Bloom Kimberly Cain
Hope Cassebaum Bob Callahan
Samuel Gibbs Dusty Cole
John Grant Joey Darby
Ryan Jenkins Robert Shane Hadley
Hank Lee Brian Harris
Hooper Matthews III Gary Hellmich
Donald Underwood Bobby Holland
Bennie Watson Chris Kerby
Jason Weber Marina Simpson
Glen Wiggins Troy Strunk
Dean Watts
Chris Yokley

CDFI Advisory Board

Monroe County Advisory Board

Vinson Bradley Agee S. Broughton III
Paula Byrd Jonathan Dick
Bryan Fayard Penelope Hines
Debbi Jinright Scott Holmes
Randi Moore Allen Lang
Anthony Wiggins Tony Powell
Boyd Robinson
Rodie Ruffin
Mary Tucker
Dell Walston

Escambia County Advisory Board

Santa Rosa County Advisory Board

David Adams Bobby Boutwel
Roger Adkinson Gene Cook
Robert Blackburn Cindy Cotton
Danny Cottrell Mark Cotton
Emmie Jernigan Flowers Claude Duvall
Mike Godwin Charlin Knight
Henry Hawkins Pam Mitchell
Keith Horton David Phillips
Jim Justice John Russell
Cindy Lee Alyssa Schepper
Mal McGhee Kyle Schoolar
Carl McInnish Eric Seib
Spinks Megginson Tina Stewart
Deborah Rowell Jared Whipkey
Will Ruzic John R. Wood
Ned Sibert Dr. Wesley Wood
Justin Stabler  
Coleman Wallace  
Megan Young  

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